10 Daily activities to burn fat without any exercise and dieting

10 Daily activities to burn fat without any exercise and dieting

It does not matter whether you are exercising for the sake of vanity or for health benefits. Regular exercise will not only make you feel good, it will transform your body completely and save you from common body ailments.

Busy lifestyle is one of the reasons why people cannot incorporate exercise in their daily routine. Fortunately, you can reap the same benefits by other activities.

Sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating are the main reasons responsible for obesity. If you want to make your body a fat burning machine without exercise, then incorporate the underwritten physical activities in your lifestyle. Staying active will help you fight obesity and it will keep body ailments like BP, diabetes and strokes at bay.

10 Activities to Burn Fat without Exercise


In order to burn fat, your main emphasis is to enhance metabolic rate and cycling fits the bill. This activity uses the muscles of lower body and makes your lungs work harder. When you will inhale good amount of oxygen into the body, it will regulate the blood pressure.

While going on a cycle ride, you can take your spouse, friend or neighbor along with you for the company. You can indulge in this activity while travelling to a nearby place. Cycling is an environmental friendly way to explore the beautiful world around you.


If you cannot resist the temptation to dance whenever you listen to dance numbers, then this could be the best physical activity for you to burn fat. You just need to learn a couple of dance moves, which can target different muscle groups of your body. Health science researches have shown that dancing can burn the same amount of calories as swimming and cycling.

Dancing will help you to fight stress and it is a wonderful way to deal with depression. Depression and anxiety is responsible to weight gain. Regular dance will control your blood pressure and lower your heart rate. This will also lower your cholesterol level and help you get rid of accumulated belly fat. There are different types of dance forms you can opt for. Some of them are hip-hop, salsa and rumba.

Walking and Jogging

Walking and jogging are good for burning calories and enhancing metabolism. You need to walk at a moderate pace for not less than 45 minutes and that too five times a week. You can enhance intensity level of your jogging as per your requirement.

Simple walking for 30 minutes can burn approximately 150 calories. You can walk while listening to your favorite music or talking on the phone. You can walk to a nearby market or store for purchasing every day household items like vegetables and fruits.


If you love plants, then gardening can help you burn good amount of calories. It depends on the kinds of activities you do in your garden. You can burn up to 300 calories in 30 minutes. Digging, weeding, pruning and grass cutting will help you burn calories.

Spending 2-3 afternoons in a week in the garden will not only help you grow a beautiful garden, it will also keep you fit. Moreover, spending more time in close relationship with herbs, flowers and vegetables is beneficial for health. It will keep you safe from coronary heart diseases, diabetes and depression.

activities to burn fat without exercses


This is a wonderful physical activity to burn fat. The number of calories you burn is directly proportional to the intensity of your swim and your body weight.

If you involve yourself in a high intensity workout for longer duration, then naturally you will burn a good amount of calories. High intensity swimming can burn up to 100 calories in 10 minutes of time.

You need to swim daily for 30 minutes to avail the health benefits. You can join a swimming club and visit it with your spouse and children twice or thrice a week.


Yoga asana (posture) are beneficial to your health in several ways. It has a number of health benefits like, it can control your high blood pressure. It will help you deal with depression and increasing bodyweight. It is good for enhancing metabolism and it strengthens your body muscles.

You just have to invest 20 minutes daily in doing yoga. Yoga has three parts; asana, meditation and breathing practice.

Playing with Pets

Playing with pets will not only burn calories, it is also beneficial in lowering down stress and enhancing your mood. When you own a dog, you have to take care of your dog’s needs, such as taking it out for exercise. Taking your dog out every morning and evening will give you a nice walk. Regular walks will help you and your dog stay fit and healthy.

Jumping Rope

You cannot take the importance of skipping rope for granted. Skipping the rope only for 10 minutes a day will burn loads of accumulated fat. This is an activity, which you can do wherever you are. You can do it in the park as well as inside your room. Make it a fun activity and enjoy it with your friends and family members.

Household Chores

By doing household chores you can burn as much calories as you can do in other types of physical activities. If you spend one hour daily to clean your house, it will not only shine your house, you will also experience its health benefits. Sweep the floor or vacuuming the house every day. Doing the dishes and laundry are also strenuous activities to keep you fit.

Outdoor Sports

This is something your kids will love to go for it regularly. Outdoor sports are an ideal activity to burn fat and lose weight. You can opt for hockey, horse riding, badminton, lawn tennis and football. The intensity of your game is directly proportional to the number of calories you burn. In case of busy schedule, you can go out twice a week and enjoy your favorite sport with your spouse and kids. It will strengthen your immune system, elevate your mood and reduces stress levels.






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