Top 6 fruits, Vegetables juice to fight aging factors on your face

Top 6 fruits, Vegetables juice to fight aging factors on your face

Aging is a process all of us go through in our lives. It is totally natural to get the age signs as one age but even though we age, we can age gracefully. Being an irreversible process, there is nothing that can stop aging but one can make this process slower. The solution to make sure you age gracefully and slowly is hidden in the diet one follows and takes. What we eat is how we look and how our body works so to control your body. Controlling your diet is the best option. So here are some of the basic yet best anti aging drinks that slows the aging and makes sure when you age you age gracefully.

How to Prepare Anti-aging Drinks

Aging cannot be stopped but one can control it. And to control it by dieting is the easiest one with results guaranteed. So just prepare fruit and vegetable juice options to make that age look beautiful on you.

1. Carrot juice

carrots contain alpha and beta carotene and this is the vegetable that is superb for as an anti aging drink. It also has anti-oxidant properties and it helps in healing your body from inside. Proved to be the best option for enhancing metabolism, carrots are the vegetable you can either crunch on or just make a delicious drink. Carrots are known to rejuvenate cells of eyes, skin and bones.

Ingredients: just take 6-8 fresh carrots and some salt to taste.

Method: juice out the carrots in your juicer and add water if you want it to be a little thin otherwise of you like the consistency, you can drink it. You can also add some salt or parsley for taste and enjoy your carrot juice.

2. Beetroots or Beets

are known for their high nutrient content like Vitamin C and A, fiber, potassium and magnesium. They help in fighting signs of aging by their anti aging properties by stimulating the cell production and get rid of wrinkles and premature aging.

Ingredients:two small beetroots or a big size beetroot, lemon for taste.

Method: wash your beet and then put it in the juicer once you are satisfied by the consistency pour it out. Otherwise, add some water to it. You can also add lemon or ginger to it for taste.

3. Mixed juice

this fruit juice recipe contains kale, apple and yogurt. Packed in with vitamins, minerals and lots of fiber this smoothie is the best detox drink to fight against aging and age gracefully. This drink has carotene, vitamin K, C along with lutein, calcium and zeaxanthin that make your body feel young from within and help in aging.

Ingredients: take one fresh apple chunks, one and a half cup of kale leaves and half cup yogurt to make the smoothie.

Method: take the yogurt and add the chopped kale leaves and chunks of apple. Turn the juicer on and blend it all well. When you get the homogenous consistency, our smoothie is ready.

4. Blueberry Juice

blue berry is the potential anti aging fruit. Jammed up with many nutrients like anti-oxidant they also contain natural sugar that makes this fruit a little sweet and gifts you glowing skin.

Ingredients: one whole cup blue berries.

Method: take the cup of freshly washed and rinsed blue berries and put them in a juicer. Now turn the juicer on and continue till it blends well.

5. Cucumber juice

cucumbers are the watery fruits that contain nutrients that have skin rejuvenation properties. They help in soothing the skin and fighting against aging. They also cure open pores and loose skin along with fighting the cellulite off.

Ingredients: take two or three fresh cucumbers and piece them into small chunks.

Method: take the pieces of cucumbers and put them in juicer and turn the juicer on. When you get juice’s consistency, your cucumber juice is ready.

6. Avocado

known as the anti aging super food, avocado are the best for controlling aging. They are stuffed in with nutrients like anti oxidants, vitamin E, potassium and Omega 3. They maintain the cell integrity in our body and lower the cholesterol. So fight aging beautifully with this juice recipe.

Ingredient: two avocados

Method: take your crème avocado and put them in a juicer and juice them out. Add some water for the consistency.

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