Benefits of Using Calamine Lotion in Your Beauty Regimen

Benefits of Using Calamine Lotion in Your Beauty Regimen

When the hot season starts, it means having to deal with a lot of skin issues for a lot of people, such as rashes, sunburns, skin irritation and more. Instead of buying expensive skin care products that really do not work well in tackling these problems, you should opt for calamine lotion. Although it has been around for decades to treat problems that affect the skin, a lot of people still do not really know this medicated lotion’s many uses and benefits. Well, it is time to change that!

Here is a look at some of the ways to use calamine lotion and its many benefits when you include it in your beauty routine:

Protection from the Sun

Have you run out of your usual sunscreen? Simply apply calamine lotion on exposed areas of your skin before you step out. Experts say that this medicated lotion offers superb sun-protection and treats sun burns very effectively as well. Not only does it provide sun-protection, it also protects your skin from the adverse effects of pollution and a wide range of other environmental factors that can cause severe harm to your skin.(1)

Improves Skin Tone

Calamine contains an ingredient called ‘kaolin’ which boosts the radiance of the skin. You should apply it every day on your face as it contains glycerin that moisturizes your skin and helps in improving your skin tone. The lotion nourishes your skin and keeps it hydrated. You can also use it as a base coat before you apply makeup. When you use calamine lotion on a regular basis, it will moisturize your skin, remove acne and lighten dark spots, giving you a radiant skin tone without any blemishes.(2)

Prevents Excessive Sweating and Sweat Rashes

Do you tend to sweat a lot, resulting in sweat rashes on different parts of your skin? What you need is calamine. Experts say that one of the best ways to cool your skin and prevent sweating as well as soothe sweat rashes is to use this lotion. It is especially helpful for those whose excessive sweating results in itchy armpits. Apply calamine topically to control the problem and you will notice a significant reduction in your sweating.(3)

Fights Effects of Aging

No woman does not worry about the day when fine lines, wrinkles and age spots will begin to appear on her skin. To combat the effects of aging, one of the best things you can do in your daily beauty routine is to apply calamine lotion. Yes, there are plenty of anti-aging products on the market that promise to give you youthful looking skin, but the sad truth is that they usually do not work and are very expensive too. There are calamine anti-aging lotions that increase the elasticity of collagen and keep your skin smooth and firm.

Controls Excess Oil

While calamine moisturizes and hydrates the skin, it also effectively helps in controlling excess oil. There are calamine lotions available on the market formulated to control oil on the skin. You do not have to worry about shiny, greasy-looking with this type of lotion. It contains the right amounts of kaolin and glycerin that provides your skin with sufficient moisture while controlling excess oil.

Reduces Scars

Do you have red marks, scars or other blemishes on your skin? Calamine lotion is a superb solution for these problems. By using it on a regular basis as part of your beauty routine, the lotion will nourish your skin and help in getting rid of marks and blemishes on your skin. As mentioned earlier, you can use the lotion as a base for makeup. This gives you a protective layer between your skin and makeup, which prevents rashes that may occur due to some of the cosmetic products you use.

Cleanses Skin

Your skin is exposed to harmful elements in the environment on a daily basis. This can do a lot of damage to your skin. You also use cosmetic products that can have an effect. All of these can clog your pores with impurities. Calamine lotions are extremely helpful in cleansing and removing impurities from your skin. This in turn unclogs pores, reduces pimples and gives you bright, fresh-looking skin every day.

Lightens Skin

As mentioned earlier, calamine lotion helps in improving skin tone. It is the kaolin in the lotion that helps in improving the overall texture of your skin. This same ingredient also helps in lightening your skin. Many women look for fairness creams and lotions to lighten their skin. In most cases, these products cost a lot and do not work well. Making calamine a regular part of your beauty regimen can even out your skin tone and lighten it, giving you the fair skin you have always wished for.

Relieves Itchy Skin in Pregnant Women

In most pregnant women, one of the most common problems they have to deal with is itchy skin on the abdominal area. When the itchiness is scratched, it can result in stretch marks. Calamine lotions relieve dry skin and the itchiness that comes with being pregnant. Additionally, because these lotions are mild, making them suitable for treating skin problems during pregnancy. Use calamine lotion regularly while you are pregnant and you will notice great results in no time.

Calamine lotion may not seem like the ultimate skin care product, but it does come with a multitude of benefits for the skin. With so many skin care products nowadays with fancy packaging and countless “advanced” ingredients made with “cutting-edge” technology, many women are tempted by the advertisements and promises that these products make not knowing that many of them are filled with chemicals. While calamine is a medicated lotion, it does not contain harsh or harmful chemicals that do more damage to the skin than good. If you are looking for an affordable skin care product that gives you the results you want with regular lose, you should opt for calamine lotion and make it a part of your beauty routine.

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