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Essential oils are very useful in various ailments and chronic conditions such as - stress, pain, hair, and skin. These essential oils are also used in preparing medicines and recipes.

what is tea tree oil

What is Tea Tree Oil? Top 10 Uses of Tea Tree Oil

A lot of research has found out that tea tree oil is good to eliminate bacteria, fungi and viruses. These studies are reliable enough...
peppermint oil

Top 10 Peppermint Essential Oil Uses and Heath Benefits

Peppermint is not only used in gastronomy. We have eaten peppermint candies, sweets and when we have fallen sick, we have used peppermint infusion...
frankincense oil

What is Frankincense oil good for? 7 Health Benefits and Uses

When we talk about essential oils, we also have to think of aromatherapy and relaxation. It appears that essential oils and those two words...
lavender essential oil

Top 5 lavender essential oil uses for good health and its properties

What is Lavender oil and why is it commonly used? Before going into further explanation, we have to know first what it is. Lavender...
lavender oil

6 Amazing Health Benefits of Using 1-2 Drops of Lavender Oil

Known as healing oil, lavender oil is considered an essential oil since ages. The use of this oil records back to over 2500 years...
what is anxiety

Anxiety Kills; Essential oils at your service for effective relief from anxiety

Anxiety can happen to a person unaware of it at any point of time. May it be while you are in front of a...

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