Anxiety Kills; Essential oils at your service for effective relief from anxiety

Anxiety Kills; Essential oils at your service for effective relief from anxiety

Anxiety can happen to a person unaware of it at any point of time. May it be while you are in front of a big crowd to deliver a speech or just returned from the office with lots of tension. Anxiety is actually the state of mind when it becomes very much restless and unstable. It disrupts work life; you tend to worry unnecessarily about very silly issues. Treating anxiety is equally easy as per doctors and psychologists.

What causes anxiety?

what causes anxiety

In those cases where anxiety occurs in teens, it is noted that the cause of anxiety is somewhat genetic. Might be someone in the near relatives are suffering from anxiety disorder very badly. There are also cases where the cause of anxiety is from past experiences and environment that is out of control of the one who is experiencing. These experiences cannot be changed. One most important aspect of anxiety is that there are many causes of anxiety that can be controlled by the person himself.

1. Sleep

Sleep is one factor of anxiety. You cannot have sound sleep just because you feel utterly anxious and in turn, no sleep also makes you anxious.

2. Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol in several cases make you even more anxious in due course of time. Many drugs or even a drink can make you relieved at that moment but later on, you can feel anxiety being intensified.

3. Attitude

Attitude is a great deciding factor for anxiety. If you are constantly stressing upon the negative thoughts and fearful aspects of your life then could never free yourself from anxiety. Positive thinking and an attitude to make the things positive in your way could outweigh anxiety.

4. Caffeine

Caffeine can be another reason for causing your anxiety levels rise. Drinking a cup of coffee after you wake up in the morning can cause you to feel anxious throughout the day.

5. Worry

Worry is something that comes without any reason and makes you land up nowhere. You cannot stop worrying which raises anxiety level in you.

6. Your diet

Your diet is another thing that works on your mind and creates an anxious feeling in you. What you eat if cannot benefit you then it cannot benefit your mind as well.

7. Stress

Stress is one most important causes of anxiety. When you are over stressed you would feel elevated levels of anxiousness in your mind. Yes, you can easily prioritize things in your life and remain stress-free.

8. Perfection

Perfection is a word that can also leave you anxious. The rush to be perfect creates a lot of stress on your mind and body which can, in turn, bring anxiety. So, instead of being perfect, try to give your best in every task.

How essential oil helps in Anxiety?


Yes, you have already heard a lot about essential oils by now and it is equally astonishing that doctors also depend upon these essential oils in treating Anxiety disorders. Highly concentrated and active plant essence extracts are filled in huge amounts in essential oils. Many researchers have found from their studies that essential oils are very quick in treating anxiety in patients. Just within few seconds of the application on the skin, the components of these essential oils are found directly in the bloodstream. Other ways of using these essential oils are inhaling or aromatherapy that acts even faster than applying on skin.

When you inhale the essential oils the components of these oils are received by the cells of the nose and send directly to the limbic system of your brain. This system of your brain actually controls the emotions and the essence of the oils triggers the sense of peace joy and excitement or contentment. The limbic system is directly connected to that part of the brain that directly controls the blood pressure, heart rate, memory, breathing, stress levels. So, when you control these parts with the essential oils you automatically get relieved from anxiety.

What are the most important essential oils for anxiety?

With the effective results of essential oils for relaxation, there are a lot of different oils available in the market today that work differently on your senses and give you a relieving effect.  Here are few of the most popular ones explained for your better understanding.

Essential Oils for Anxiety

essential oils for anxiety

1. Lavender

Lavender is perhaps the most popular and most versatile of all essential oils available on the market today. Lavender is an outstanding performer when it comes to treating anxiety disorders. Many studies have concluded about the effective results of Lavender in controlling stress, depression which is one most important cause of anxiety.

2. Chamomile

A cup of Chamomile scented tea at bedtime acts super in relaxing your mind and giving you that peace which heals in anxiety disorders. Many studies have shown the extreme calming effects of chamomile on your brain.

3. Peppermint

There are numerous ways that an essence of peppermint that could help you relieves your brain and body. Peppermint essence makes you alert, help to recover a headache while enhancing your memory in a great way. It also works excellent in curing indigestion as well.

You would have faced several such instances where pleasant scents are attached with pleasant memories that soothe your brain. Essential oils also work in a similar manner to soothe your body and mind.

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