What is Frankincense oil good for? 7 Health Benefits and Uses

What is Frankincense oil good for? 7 Health Benefits and Uses

When we talk about essential oils, we also have to think of aromatherapy and relaxation. It appears that essential oils and those two words always go hand-in-hand. Now, we are going to be talking about an essential oil whose properties or name may not be so well-known by many people but it does do a really good job. It is the Frankincense essential oil. Besides offering a variety of health benefits, this type of essential oil is used to battle chronic stress and anxiety as well as being a very important tool in aromatherapy. Besides, it boosts immunity, reduces pain and inflammation and it has also been proven to be good for cancer.

Frankincense Oil benefits, properties and uses

frankincense properties uses

  1. Good-bye Stress while taking a bath

Frankincense oil has relaxing properties. It means you may make use of this scent after a hard day or bad hair day. The oil scent can make you feel like you were in another world, far off the stress you go through every day. If you have a bath tub, this one may work.

How to use the remedy?: Just pour some drops of this essential oil in the tub and relax. The scent has the ability to act quickly on the brain. Relax and enjoy your bath.

If you don’t have a bathtub; boil some water with some droplets of Frankincense, and take the mixture with you to the bathroom. Inhale the steam while taking the shower.

  1. It is useful for pains and inflammation

It is known that Frankincense is a very effective remedy to fight inflammation and pain. The quality that makes this essential oil a key to battle pain is its ability to inhibit the production of molecules responsible for such conditions. Thus, Frankincense has been utilized to fight arthritis, asthma and IBS.

How to apply?: For asthma: Place some Frankincense oil on your chest before bedtime.

For arthritis: Put some oil on the painful areas, especially on the joints where arthritis affects more.

  1. It’s a natural deodorizer

In other words, it works perfectly as a natural household cleaner. Instead of going to the store and spend money on a manufactured and artificial cleaner, you should try using Frankincense oil as a deodorizer. This type of oil has antiseptic qualities and can help you rid of bacteria and viruses in your home.

How to use Frankincense as a deodorizer?: Spray the oil in your room, bathroom and those indoor spaces where allergens and bacteria abound most.

You might as well buy the plant and burn it in the middle of the living room for better results.

  1. For the flu and bad cold

You should reconsider going to the drugstore to buy medication next time you have a bad cold or flu. Frankincense oil helps improve flu symptoms and makes nostrils inflammation go down very in a matter of hours. It is also ideal to relieve coughing.

How to apply this remedy?: Grab a tissue and soak it in a Frankincense infusion. Inhale for 15 minute. You can repeat the remedy as many times as you can. Use it in case of asthma and allergies as well.

  1. A natural toothpaste

Frankincense is effective to fight cavities and tooth decay. Its antiseptic qualities make some companies use it as an ingredient to manufacture toothpastes. But this time, you may have two options:

Look for a recipe to create your own homemade Frankincense toothpaste or put some drops of it on the toothpaste you use and brush your teeth. Also contemplate buying Frankincense-flavored toothpaste at the super market.

  1. It helps heal stretch marks

Apparently, Frankincense oil features Jack-Of-All-Trades’ properties. The truth is that you can equally use this oil for scars, acne and dark spots on face. It helps wounds heal faster and prevents the abrupt appearance of pimples.

How to use Frankincense oil in this case?: Just put some drops in some water and smear on the affected area. You can also buy an unscented lotion and make a mixture with the Frankincense one for quicker action. Don’t apply directly to open wounds.

  1. It makes you look younger

Yes, Frankincense oil also has properties to fight aging and wrinkles. It’s an outstanding skin cell protector because it acts as an astringent. If you are enduring acne problems or want to slow signs of aging, you may try Frankincense for such cases. Aside from those benefits, it also prevents wrinkles and tightens saggy skin parts.

How can you use it?: Very simple, put some oil in a little cup and mix it with unscented oil base liquid to make a sort of paste and place the mixture softly on your face. Don’t apply the entire remedy on the skin when you are not sure if you are allergic to it.



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