Health benefits of Almonds and Raw Almond Nutrition Facts

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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Almonds

The health benefits of almonds are well known and since ancient times we have used almonds as an energy source and a healthy solution to get rid of common body ailments. They play a key role in treating heart problems, constipation, impotency, anemia and respiratory disorders. It is also beneficial in psoriasis (skin disease) and dental care.

Almonds Have a Good Amount of Antioxidants

The antioxidants present in almonds protect us from oxidative stress, which is responsible for damage of cell and ageing. Almonds also safeguard us from cancer. The skin of the almonds has antioxidants in the concentrated form. That is why consuming blanched almonds is not a healthy choice.

A clinical trial was conducted on 60 male smokers; they were given around 84 grams of almonds every day. This reduced the oxidative stress between 23-24% and that too in a period of 4 weeks only.

Good for Brain

Almonds are full of nutrients, which play a significant role in the health of your brain. It is an essential food item required for growing children. Almonds have riboflavin and L-carnitine, which enhance the brain activities. This decreases the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease by increasing the neural pathways. Several studies have shown the power of almond oil and raw almond nutrition in the regular diet. This enhances the overall health and functioning of the brain.

Good for Heart

Almonds have protein, monounsaturated fats and potassium in them, these elements are essential for good health of your heart. Vitamin E and magnesium reduce the chances of heart attacks by decreasing the impact of C-reactive proteins, which are known for artery inflammation and damaging. Folic acid present in almonds decreases the chances of fatty plaque accumulation in the arteries.

Strengthen Immunity Power

Your body is in need of different components to maintain good health. The availability of essential nutrients contributes to the betterment of overall health and alkalinity is one of them. Alkali material present in almonds strengthens the immunity power of your body to safeguard itself from various diseases. Vitamin E is a well-known antioxidant, which is present in almonds. This eliminates the free radicals from your body. If these free radicals will stay in your body, they may lead to chronic disease and hazardous to body’s internal organs. Antioxidants help our body fight with coronary heart diseases as well as cancer. Health science researchers have revealed that people who were taking high levels of vitamin E in their diet decreased the chances of contracting heart disease by 40%.

Keep Skin Healthy

Vitamin E and antioxidants nourish your skin and reduces the wrinkles or the signs of ageing on your face. Almonds have epicatechin, isorhamnetin, kaempferol, flavonol and catechin. These are the compounds which can reverse the oxidative stress due to poor diet, UV light exposure and pollution. Regular use of almonds increases the ability of the body to heal wounds and keep skin hydrated.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Potassium is beneficial in regulating the blood pressure and low level sodium in almonds can control the fluctuations of blood pressure. Other nutrients like minerals and vitamins fulfil the requirement of your body and this prevents other deficiencies. In case of an element deficiency, your whole body will get affected. This will lead to stress, anxiety and increased level of blood pressure.

Prevention of Constipation

You may be aware that fiber aids in relieving constipation, but in order to get the most of the nut, it is imperative to drink loads of water when you are eating almonds. You do not need a full bowl of almonds only 4-5 almonds are sufficient to keep your digestive process on track.

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