Top 10 Health Benefits of including Cinnamon in your Diet

Top 10 Health Benefits of including Cinnamon in your Diet

What is cinnamon?

Cinnamon is a very common spice which can be easily found in most of the kitchens. Actually it is the inner bark of cinnamomum tree with lots of health beneficial properties. Due to its medicinal importance, cinnamon was once considered as most valuable spice in the world. For both flavor enhancement and medical purpose, cinnamon is used worldwide since a long time. It is brown in color with aromatic sweet flavor. Currently it is used in both sweet dishes as well as in course foods. Most of you have the barks of cinnamon in stick shape but don’t its use in various health purposes. That is why a detailed list of its health benefits is mentioned here.

health benefits of cinnamon

Reduce the cholesterol and blood sugar

Blood sugar is the biggest enemy of health in this era. Many people are suffering from high blood sugar which is a life threatening disease. Cinnamon helps in reducing glucose level in blood so that your immune system will work properly. Also it is helpful in decreasing cholesterol level which is the main cause of heart attack in most of the people. If you are suffering from any of these diseases then start consuming 1 gram of cinnamon powder every day. It will surely improve your health level.

Tackle free radicals of body

Radicals are the molecules that automatically produce in body. They arises when atoms of body pair with unpaired electrons, as a result, they will start damaging the basic structure of your body which is DNA. Only antioxidants can tackle these radicals effectively and cinnamon is rich in this vital nutrient.

Strengthen the bones

Bones are the framework on which the mobility of body totally depends upon. All the bones including your tooth need to be strong enough to bear the stress and strain of daily activities. Cinnamon is very helpful in providing strength to your bones. If you are facing tooth pain, then the most effective and immediate remedy is cinnamon. You can use it as oil for massaging on tooth genteelly by rubbing.

Cure hyperactivity disorder

People suffering from this disorder are unable to keep still for a while. Excessive talking, impatience and anxiety are some symptoms that are found in both children and adults. Hyperactivity in small children is natural, but if it continues even in adult age then some effective steps must be taken. As a homeopathic medicine, cinnamon is used to cure this disorder because of its antioxidant property.

For losing weight

Overweight is one of the widely spread problem among every age group people. Due to the wrong eating routine and habits, many people are suffering from obesity. Cinnamon is very helpful in reducing excessive weight if consumed while you are on dieting. Along with exercise and proper diet, cinnamon can help in reducing your weight with a spectacular speed. Cinnamon increase metabolism level and maintain the proper insulin level in body.  As a result, your body will come back in shape.

Cure common cold

This is one of the very common problems of winter season which is very irritating and may cause many other problems if not cured on time. To tackle the most common symptoms of common cold such as cough, sore throat and sniffing, cinnamon tea is very effective. It reduces the viral infection impact of common cold as a result; you will feel better within few minutes. The tea helps in raising blood oxygen level, which is very essential to survive in cold places.

Heals inflammation

The anti inflammatory properties of cinnamon are very effective over human body. Inflammation may occur due to many reasons, but can be cured by a single herb called cinnamon. If you are facing this situation since a long time, then do not ignore it because the future results may comes in the form of lungs diseases and diabetes. Regularly consume two pinches of cinnamon to avoid this condition permanently.

Reduce Alzheimer symptoms

Alzheimer is actually an irreversible disease in which a person loses his/here capability of remembering everything related to their life. Generally, patients suffering from this disease are of old age that becomes unable to recognize even their family members and daily routine activities. It cannot be cured, but the symptoms can be reduced with the help of cinnamon consumption on regular basis.

Controls HIV from becoming AIDS

AIDS is the most dangerous disease which cannot be cured once a person got infected. But its initial stage which is called HIV can be controlled with the help of cinnamon. This common spice of kitchen can cure type 1 HIV and prevent human body from infected by AIDS. Only consumption of cinnamon cannot cure HIV, but it is effective while taken with proper medication.

Fight against stomach flu

Stomach flu is generally caused by bacteria and viruses impact because of wrong eating habits. As a result, a person faces various problems such as dehydration, fever and vomiting.  The anti bacterial and anti viral properties of cinnamon are very effective against flu of stomach. Regular consumption of cinnamon helps to reduce the symptoms of flu and heal the inner body system effectively.




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