Top 10 Health Benefits of Using Coconut Oil

Top 10 Health Benefits of Using Coconut Oil

Oils from natural resources such as olives, palm or coconut are rich in minerals and many other beneficial nutrients. While talking about coconut oil, you may consider it as a one solution for too many problems. The health benefits of coconut oil are countless. From the electrolyte properties of raw coconut water to antioxidants of oil, everything is beneficial human’s health. This oil is commonly found in many houses for different purposes but you probably don’t know its all benefits. After reading this article, you will surely amaze by knowing its various uses in daily life. Take a look at its benefits:-

Health benefits of coconut oil

  • Moisturizer

Coconut oil is one of the best and easily available moisturizer which can be used in winter season to protect skin from dryness. The anti oxidant properties of this oil helps to reduce the aging affects on skin such as wrinkles. It doesn’t require any additional component to use as a moisturizer that is why coconut oil is 100% safe and natural.

  • Hair oil

Generally most of the people use it as hair oil but you don’t know its complete use on your scalp. It is used as hair oil since a long time you can also use it for hot oil treatment and hair mask. It nourishes the hairs from tip to root so that you can get an effective hair fall treatment. It is very effective over dandruff, so start using it if you are also facing this problem.

  • Cooking oil

Just like normal mustard and refined oil, you can use the oil of coconut for cooking various delicious dishes. As cooking oil, it contains many health benefits that will make your food more nutritious.  Use it as baking something in microwave oven, frying eggs or vegetables, popping popcorns or grilling toasts. One of its best cooking benefits is that you can use this oil for cooking those dishes that requires high temperature.

  • Antiseptic for burns and wounds

Due to the medical benefits of coconut oil, it is used for healing burns on skin since a long time. It heals wounds and critical burnt skin rapidly as compare to any other medicine present in medical stores. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of this oil are so effective that you can use it in case of skin itching due to any kind of infection. Where most of the antiseptic solutions feels like burning, coconut oil heal open wounds genteelly.

  • Hair conditioner shampoo

By mixing this oil with apple cider vinegar, you can use it as 100% natural shampoo. There is no need to apply harmful chemicals on hairs if you have coconut oil. Mix both of these fluids in equal proportion and apply on hairs like shampoo while bathing.  It will definitely strengthen your hairs and reduce their falling. Also it is a great conditioner, just massage some oil in hairs at night and wash your scalp with fresh water in the morning for shining black hairs.

  • Skin beauty cosmetics replacement

Do not go for beauty products containing harmful chemicals because you most of the beauty needs can be fulfilled by few drops of coconut oil. You can use it as eye makeup remover which will be gentle on the sensitive parts around eyes skin. If you are going out to market in a dry and sunny weather then this oil will be the best and convenient sunscreen lotion.

  • Gentle on diaper rashes

The soothing properties of coconut oil are very helpful to heal diaper rashes of children. It is 10% natural, so you can use this oil for the treatment of rashes on sensitive skin of children. Slowly massage the affected area with oil and leave the skin to absorb oil completely. Rtepeat this process at least twice a day to keep your baby safe from skin infections.

  • For shaving and aftershave

Generally shaving creams full of harmful chemicals are used for shaving legs, beard or under arms. These chemicals impact in the deep pores of skin that may also cause some kind of allergies if your skin is sensitive. Coconut oil is the best alternative for shaving, because it is totally safe to use as well as inexpensive than shaving creams. Even after shaving, you don’t need to apply any lotion for softening the skin because this oil contains moisturizing properties too.

  • Reduce blood pressure and risk of heart diseases

You will amaze by knowing the health benefits of coconut oil because it helps in reducing the risk of heart attack if used as cooking oil regularly. Because of the low cholesterol level, you can use it as everyday cooking oil. If you are a high blood pressure patient, then replace your regular oil with this one and see the difference within few days. There is no need to go for expensive treatments if you have already a preventive method.

  • Immunity booster

The oil of coconut is best immunity booster because the lauric acid of this oil helps in fighting with bacterial infections. The anti-viral and anti-fungal properties of this oil keeps your body safe from many possible diseases. It is a suggestion that drink a tablespoon of coconut oil regularly to keep your body safe from the attack of any infectious microorganism. If you are suffering from blood sugar problem then the risk of immunity depletion will be higher than normal. To tackle this problem, make a habit to consume a teaspoon of coconut oil thrice a day as daily life routine.



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