6 Amazing Health Benefits of Using 1-2 Drops of Lavender Oil

6 Amazing Health Benefits of Using 1-2 Drops of Lavender Oil

Known as healing oil, lavender oil is considered an essential oil since ages. The use of this oil records back to over 2500 years where it was used for religious and medical purposes. The Romans used this oil for scenting air, bathing and even cooking. This oil also has a hint of soothing perfume and was used as body mummification and perfume by Egyptians. Lavender Essential oil was also known with names like spikenard or nard and even naardus. This oil has amazing healing properties along with the power of lifting a mood to good. So to know the benefits of lavender oil here are some more insights:

The oil that heals head to toe.

Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

lavender essential oil uses

1. The antioxidant cover

Lavender oil is a known antioxidant and is responsible for producing three most powerful antioxidants of our body called catalase, SOD and glutathione. And these antioxidants are produced just within 20 hours of its usage. The inhalation of lavender oil covers the respiratory problems and cures throat infections. Be it cold, cough and flu or even sinus and tonsillitis, the list of medicine uses of lavender oil is very long.

2. Treat your insomnia and sleep like a baby

Lavender oil helps in relaxing your mind and motivating it to sleep. It also promotes sleep regularities and being just an external application it does not have any side effects. This oil also helps in soothing your nervous system and cure depression, headache, restlessness and migraines. This oil is very effective in increasing mental activity by refreshing the mind and removing nervous exhaustion. It regulates the heart rate and reduces anxiety and stress.

3. Glow the skin and get rid of skin problems

Lavender oil is a great inhibitor for bacteria. It helps in curing skin infections and healing scars. Just a few drops of it and be it puberty acne or adult, all can be cured. It also protects the skin by bugs and act as bug repellent. The anti-inflammatory property of this oil helps in reducing the pain and the irritations on our skin.

4. Bounce your hair like a basketball

With lavender oil, one can also get rid of nits, lice eggs and lice. Not only this lavender oil is very effective in hair loss and its usage on hair scalp cures alopecia. This oil helps in improving the blood circulation and promotes the growth of strength by increasing oxygenation. Suggested in aromatic therapy and massages, there are varied benefits of lavender oil.

5. Get the urine disorders in order and put that digestion in line

Different medicine uses of lavender oil also includes the promotion of mobility of food in intestine and curing of stomach disorders like colic, vomiting, ingestion, flatulence, diarrhea and even vomiting. This oil stimulates production of gastric juices and bile. Not only this, lavender oil stimulates urine production so if you have any urinal problem, lavender oil can cure. It helps in balancing hormones and decreases inflammation in urinary bladder and reduces cystitis.

6. Pain killer and immune balance

Sore and tender muscles can be made all well by lavender oil. It helps in reducing backaches, rheumatism, sprains, lumbago and even joint pains. This oil is like an ointment that reduces the pain experienced. The medical uses of lavender oil also include enhancing immunity by its anti bacterial and anti viral properties. It is a known to defend the body against diseases like typhoid, TB and diphtheria.

So these were some of the lavender oil. Being an essential oil it is vital and has many benefits with its unique properties. The usage of lavender oil can be done in many forms. It can be inhaled as vapors or used externally on skin, scalp and affected area. Lavender oil can also be used for cooking.

Lavender oil in home

  1. Lavender oil works as an oil balm, just apply it overnight on your lips and enjoy soft lips in the morning.
  2. Lavender oil is also a natural perfume having a relaxing and soothing aroma.
  3. This oil is also a good room freshener because of tinted smell and good ambience.

Side effects of lavender oil

Even though there are so many advantages and benefits of this oil, this oil can be a little over board for many.

  1. It can cause chilliness and cold.
  2. Lavender oil can sometimes cause vomiting, nausea and headache.


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