5 Home Remedies to Fight Common Cold and Congestion

5 Home Remedies to Fight Common Cold and Congestion

Many people are aware that there is no cure for the common cold, but the irony is, most of them maintain the stock of cold medicines at home. These medicines only deal with bacteria and they do not provide any cure for cold attacks, whereas home remedies for common cold will cure you naturally. Over usage of these medicines may develop antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the body. The FDA has also warned about using antibiotics in the treatment of common cold attacks in children below the age of 6.

Home Remedies for Common Cold

Home remedies not only cleanse the system, they also control the production of mucus and enhance your immunity level.

Ginger Tea

It is one of the best drinks to sip when you are feeling stuffed up. Ginger tea can also be used as home remedy for cough to get instant relief from dry and wet cough.

  • It controls running and dripping of the nose, it also works as an expectorant.
  • It relieves congestion by decreasing the inflammation of mucus membranes in the nasal passages.
  • It throws out the phlegm and cleanses the respiratory tract.
  • This makes common cold symptoms bearable and it enhances the recovery process.
  • The American Lung Association has also recommended drinking approximately 8 glasses of water or juice to stay hydrated.
  • Proper hydration will help you moisturize the throat and nose lining.
  • You are supposed to avoid caffeinated and alcoholic drinks because they will dehydrate your body.

How to Prepare Ginger Tea

Take 2 tablespoons of grated ginger rhizome; put it in hot water. Cover the pot and don’t let the steam go outside. Add lemon juice, cinnamon powder, and honey.

Milk and Turmeric

By adding certain spices in ginger tea, you can make it a masala tea for curing common cold symptoms.

  • Milk and turmeric are effective in fighting the common cold and cough.
  • This mixture brings wonderful results in children as well as in adults.
  • Curcumin present in turmeric is good for improving your immunity.
  • You can add honey to increase its power of healing. Honey, milk and turmeric are healthy ingredients required for a healthy living.


Stuffy nose can also be eased by inhaling steam, which has essential oils in it. Tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil are among the top home remedies for common cold because of their well known antiviral and anti-bacterial properties. This will also fight with the bug.

  • Put tea tree and eucalyptus oil in the bottom of a bowl. Add boiling water to it.
  • Cover your face and bowl with a towel and try to inhale the steam.
  • The towel will trap the steam inside and deep breaths will take the healing steam inside your body.

Gargle Therapy

This is an old therapy for common cold and cough, especially when you have uneasiness in your throat.

  • Place sage leaves in hot water and leave it for 15 minutes. You can sprinkle salt and apple cider vinegar before using.
  • Use this mixture to gargle 3 times a day.

Other Remedies

You can also use zinc lozenges and Echinacea. Echinacea may not safeguard you from infection, but it can bring a considerable amount of reduction in duration of common cold symptoms.

Vitamin C is also helpful in decreasing the severity of a common cold. It improves immunity power and works as a shield against common cold attacks.

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