6 Home Remedies to Treat Diabetes at Home

6 Home Remedies to Treat Diabetes at Home

Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disease in which an array of dysfunctions takes place. People prefer to use home remedies for diabetes in spite of taking allopathic treatment. Diabetes is further classified into three major types.

diabetes types

Type 1: In this kind of diabetes, the body cannot produce the right amount of insulin and the patient is dependent on insulin from outside of the body. Teenagers as well as people who have crossed 40 years of age are prone to this type of diabetes.

Type 2: In this kind of diabetes, insulin is produced by the body, but the body cells cannot absorb it properly. This results in increasing the blood sugar level.

Type 3: This is a gestational type of diabetes and pregnant women suffer from this.

Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus

People who are inactive and living sedentary lifestyles are prone to diabetes. Symptoms of diabetes may develop slowly that is the reason people stay unaware of this disease even if they are suffering from it.

Polyuria, Thirst and Hunger

The increased amount of sugar level pulls the fluid from the tissues; this makes a person urinate frequently. The frequent urination makes a person thirsty.

Due to the shortage of insulin hormone, the body cells cannot get the proper supply of sugar. This makes muscles and other body organs experience low-level of energy, this results in hunger.

Weight Loss, Blurred Vision and Fatigue

The irony is that a diabetic patient will eat more because of hunger, but on the contrary, he will lose weight. This is due to inefficient metabolizing glucose. In this case, the body will use alternative sources of fuel for energy.

When blood sugar pulls fluid from body cells, this decreases the ability of eyes to see, which causes blurred vision.

This above reasons are also responsible for irritation and tiredness in the body.

How to Manage Diabetes with Home remedies

Managing diabetes is easy because of different treatment options, which control your blood sugar level organically. As an alternative treatment, home remedies for diabetes can create wonders.


basil benefits

This is also known as holy basil (tulsi); its leaves are loaded with essential oils like eugenol, caryophyllene and methyl eugenol. The antioxidants in basil leaves and essential oils collectively help the pancreas to function properly and regulate the sensitivity of insulin.

  • Chew two – three leaves of holy basil or one tbsp of basil leaves juice every morning on an empty stomach to control the sugar level.

Flax Seeds

flex seeds

Flax seeds have high amounts of fiber, which helps in digestion and absorption of sugar and fat. According to a health science research, flax seeds can control the sugar level up to 28%.

  • You have to consume one tbsp of flax seed powder with warm water every morning. Consuming more than two tbsp everyday may be detrimental to your health.

Bilberry Leaves

bilberry leaves

A research was published in nutrition journal which stated that the leaves of Bilberry are full of anthocyanidin, which regulates the action of proteins in the transportation of glucose. This unique property of bilberry leaves controls blood sugar levels.

  • Take a handful of bilberry leaves approximately 100gms, crush it and get its juice, drink it in the morning on empty stomach for best results.

Cinnamon (Dalchini)


People are using this excellent remedy to regulate insulin sensitivity and to control blood sugar level in the body for long. Cinnamon powder is also beneficial in treating arthritis and controlling body weight.

  • You have to ensure the intake of ½ teaspoon of dalchini powder (approx 1 gm) in your diet. Follow this for a month to experience the health benefits of cinnamon.



The presence of glycoside content in blackberry restricts the conversion of starch. This prevents increase in blood sugar level and insulin spikes. Blackberry fruit is not available round the year, but blackberry seeds powder is.

  • Eat 5-8 blackberry fruit every morning and you can also consume one tbsp of blackberry seeds powder to control blood sugar levels in the body.

Regular Exercise

exercises for diabetes

Regular physical activity or exercise will control your diabetes without any medicines. It controls the disease significantly and kicks out further health complications. Regular exercise will enhance metabolism, which will reduce the fat percentage in the body. You will control obesity and blood cholesterol.

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