You can cure symptoms of Asthma using natural home remedies

You can cure symptoms of Asthma using natural home remedies

 Effective home remedies for asthma are the fast and the most suitable methods of treatment for people suffering from this condition. If you are still not familiar of these extremely helpful home remedies, then read on.

Earlier than anything else, you shall know, what is asthma? 

Asthma, in medical explanation, is the constant inflammation of the bronchial air pathways. This inflammation causes swelling as well as constriction of the air pathways making it very hard to breathe appropriately.

When bronchial tubes or air pathways are inflamed regularly, it may become extra sensitive to allergens in addition to irritants such as pollens along with dust. While it is normal for inhabitants to be sensitive to allergens as well as irritants, people suffering from asthma usually experiences sensitivity to a heightened degree.

A few asthmatics react to the similar allergens or irritants. The significance of asthma greatly depends on how several allergens as well as irritants one person reacts to and how sensitive your bronchial tubes along with lungs to them are.

The important things that can activate asthma are:


Allergens consist of pollens, dust mites, molds as well as pet hair. Various foods such as peanuts, soy, fish as well as cow’s milk can also cause asthma. Latex as well as sulfites can also aggravate this situation.


Irritants comprise respiratory problems for example bronchitis and sinusitis. The smoke from tobacco or the smog from daily pollution can also cause asthma attacks. Several people also show reactions to weather changes as well as diesel fumes.

Irritants also include affecting factors. Too much laughing, anger, as well as crying can produce asthma attacks.

General symptoms of asthma may be

 The general symptoms of asthma diverge from person to person. Many times the symptoms of asthma mimic the symptoms of other respiratory problems. Though, major symptoms were categorized.

A lot of asthmatics show following general symptoms: 

  • Breathe Shortness
  • Chronic coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Chest Tightness

Perfect medications to cure Asthma

The medications are used to settle down the bronchial tubes. The inflammation is reduced due to these effective medications.

One of the older and best medications for asthma is the regular use of Adrenaline. This can aid ease up the constriction of air pathways. This action is only used for emergency cases as this may root side effects for example heart palpitations, nausea, vomiting, restlessness as well as anxiety.

Several inhalers are also used to for the time being abate the constriction of the air pathways. It acts straight on the lining of the bronchial tubes. The side effects of this medication are considerably lesser than the regular use of adrenaline.

There are also some general tablets that asthmatic people can use. Though, some herbal as well as home remedies for asthma can also be used.

Chamomile is an accepted calming agent that has natural antihistamine components. Drinking chamomile tea can aid relieve coughing as well as constriction in the bronchial air pathways?

The use of ephedre can clean the bronchial passages to make clear way for air. This effect is also the similar when you use green tea.

Drinking Hyssop tea can also alleviate respiratory congestion while lobelia is an herbal remedy that can decrease the inflammation of the bronchial lining.


Nettle as well as Pau d’ Arco can also relieve troubles in the respiratory organs as well as are natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory agents.

One of the extensively used home remedies for asthma is the regular use of the brown paper bag. A person having trouble in breathing can breathe into the brown paper bag. This can alleviate and level out their breathing.

This tested product can aid ease up the tightness in the chest to make path for normal, even breathing. It can not only alleviate asthma symptoms but it can also endorse the health of our lungs in addition to respiratory tracts.

It can also endorse the functions of our immune system to guard us from viral diseases. With the regular use of biochemic tissue salts, this product is much safer choice compared to other prescription medications.

Asthma can be a severe condition that can take the life of an individual. With explained home remedies for asthma, you have a saving grace in the comforts of your individual home.

Take around 15 fresh dry grapes with seeds (large raisin), clean them properly with water and soak in 150 Gms of water at night. In the early morning they will swell up. This is one of the top home remedies for asthma.

The basic roots of the bitter gourd plant have been used as drug for asthma cure. A teaspoon of the root paste, mixed with a matching amount of honey or juice of the tulsi leaves, given once each night for a month, acts as an exceptional medicine for this disease.

An Hepa and Carbon Filtered equipped air purifier must be installed in the room of patient because as per WHO report Indoor air is 5 times more harmful than outdoor air.



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