How to get rid of dark circles under eye?


If you loath looking into the mirror for the fear of being greeted by dark circles, you aren’t alone! Several thousand men and women across the globe are tormented by dark circles. Fortunately, dark circles have no harmful effects, and are easy to treat from the comfort of your home!

But, what causes dark circles in the first place?

Unsightly dark circles can plague just about anyone. It can be caused by one, or more, of the below listed reasons.

  • Lack of sleep
  • Or, over sleeping!
  • Nasal allergies
  • Stress
  • Conditions such as eczema
  • Cosmetics
  • Aging
  • Sun exposure
  • Genetic make up

Whatever be the reason that causes dark circles, they can be rather frustrating though they do not cause any pain or irritation. Often women feel awkward to step out of home or mingle with others due to unsightly dark circles under the eyes. With no further ado, let us present to you some of the best home remedies to treat dark circles effectively without having to break the bank.


Do not allow dark circles mar your beauty. Regain your confidence by using this simple yet effective remedy. Potato is a great cure for dark circles. It is rich in skin friendly enzymes, vitamin C, and starch that together treat the dark circles and nourishes the skin.(1)

How to use: Grate a chilled potato and gently squeeze it to extract its juice into a cup. To this juice, you may add a teaspoon of raw honey and two teaspoons of freshly extracted lemon juice. Use a cotton ball to gently apply this mixture under your eyes, being careful not to get any of it into your eyes. Wash off after half an hour. This concoction will lighten dark circles and reduce puffiness almost instantly.

Lemon Juice

There is nothing as refreshing as a tall glass of chilled lemonade on a sunny day. But, did you know that the same juice can be the perfect cure for your ghastly dark circles? Lemon contains Vitamin C that possesses skin lightening properties that combat hyper pigmentation. It also works as a powerful anti-oxidant and helps brighten the skin from the very first application.(2)

How to use: Use a cotton swab or ball to gently apply lemon juice onto the affected area. Let it stay for 15 minutes and rinse. Do this twice a day. Use a good moisturizer in conjunction with this home treatment as lemon juice tends to dry the skin!

Raw Egg Whites

This is yet another fool proof remedy that helps tackle dark circles rather quickly. If you have a party to attend in a few days, this is a remedy that can come in handy. The white of an egg contains skin friendly vitamins and proteins that boost collagen production and nourish the skin. Egg whites target not just the pigmentation, but also puffiness and wrinkles. That is not all! It also firms the skin surrounding your eyes, which will make you look younger and beautiful.

How to use: Refrigerate leftover egg whites for approximately 20 minutes. Next, apply a thin layer of the egg white around your eyes using a soft make up brush and allow it to stand. Wash off with cool water once it has dried completely.


If no other remedy seems to work, this is a remedy that you must try. Turmeric has been used since time immemorial to treat eczema, acne, burns, and several other skin conditions including hyperpigmentation caused by dark circles. It is an active ingredient in several herbal skin lightening formulas. Turmeric not only helps in lightening dark circles, but also hydrates your skin, imparting it an undeniable glow.(3)

How to use: Mix a quarter spoon of turmeric powder and 1 teaspoon of almond oil. Gently massage this mixture onto the affected area. Leave it on for about 15 minutes. Repeat this thrice a week and watch the dark circles disappear!

Yoghurt and Parsley

If you can lay your hands on some fresh parsley, you have found yourself a potent dark circle remedy that doesn’t cost a fortune. Parsley is chock-full of vitamin C, beta-carotene, folic acid, and several other skin friendly nutrients. In conjunction with yoghurt, this herb helps in evening out skin tone and also fights the signs of aging.

How to use: Grind a handful of parsley and mix it with a tablespoon of yoghurt. Use this mixture as a mask on the dark circles. Allow it to stay until it is completely dry and wash with cool water. Use this eye mask at least twice a week, until the dark circles are gone.


Though a tad bit expensive, saffron is known to cure dark circles effectively. Saffron is extensively used in several herbal concoctions to brighten skin, and enhance complexion for decades. Most beauticians recommend the use of saffron to treat dark circles. In fact, several clinical trials have been performed and backup these claims. This popular flavoring agent has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that work in reducing dark circles effectively.(4)

How to use: Take a quarter cup of chilled milk. To this add 2-3 saffron strands and let it soak for a few minutes. Saturate a cotton ball in the mixture and dab it on the dark circles. You may also apply this mixture to your face and let it dry completely before you wash it off. Do this every day until you see the dark circles lighten.

 Olive Oil

This popular ingredient that is readily available in most kitchen racks is rich in a number of healthy skin friendly compounds. Olive oil also possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that hydrate the skin. It can be safely used by people who have sensitive skin.

How to use: Take a few drops of olive oil and massage it gently into the affected area using your fingertips. Do not wash off immediately! Leave the oil on your skin overnight for it to work its magic.

Not always, do over the counter ointments and drugs work. These medications, sap the moisture in your skin and cause more harm than good. Ditch the chemicals, and resort to the above-mentioned home remedies to get rid of dark circles naturally and effectively.

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