Effective and proven home remedies for eye infection

Effective and proven home remedies for eye infection

Eye flu is a bad infection of the eyes. It is also well-known as conjunctivitis or the pink eye. It causes sore eyes. A very thin transparent membrane over the white portion of the eyes gets inflamed. The blood vessels there swell up, and consequently the redness occurs. The cruelty of the infection varies from one human being to another.

This flu is usually present with further respiratory infection symptoms. It is extremely contagious and spreads from one individual to another easily. It can be spread by a bacteria or virus. It is hard to tell whether it is cause by bacteria or whether it is viral. Children are extra vulnerable to this infection.

Causes of Eye Flu

The basic cause for getting this flu could be due to the climate. It is a common trouble in cold weather as well as in rainy seasons. Other reasons could be due to a few allergy, smoke, pollution, swimming pools as well as chemicals. The virus which basically causes the eye flu is the same virus which causes general cold and cough. So depending on the method in which the virus has been transmitted, one gets the eye infection. If the individual with this virus rubs or touches his hands to the infected eyes, the person gets the eye flu. Likewise, the bacteria causing this flu are the similar bacteria responsible for ear infections.

The general symptoms are redness of the eye, itching, uneasiness, swelling, pain, discharge, stickiness and sensitivity to light. In a few severe cases, it can influence the vision too.

Viral infections usually do not respond to antibiotics. Though for the flu caused by bacteria, there are antibiotics as well as ointments for treatment. A little home remedy for the eye flu can aid in giving big relief from the burning as well as inflammation.

Do not rub or hurt your eyes. It is most excellent not to share towels, hankies as well as other personal things. If you have the eye flu, refrain from sharing linen, pillows as well as your sunglasses. Avoid close contact and wash hands frequently. Wash eyes with extra cool water. Wear dark glasses so as to stay dirt away. Use a fully clean sterile cotton ball dipped in warm water to clean the release. Increase your immunity by eating healthy food as well as exercising

Easy, effective yet affordable home remedies for the affected eye can soothe as well as even heal infections. It is sturdily advisable to visit an ophthalmologist in severe cases. The remedies provided under are for milder cases of conjunctivitis, sty, keratitis, cellulitis as well as a lot of others, and can be employed for other inflammation or irritation of the eye.

A few of the common symptoms of eye infections are tenderness of the eyes, itching, puffy eyelids,  flaking, formation of sticky fluid, persistent burning as well as a complete discomfort to the eyes. A few infections are contagious, similar to conjunctivitis, while others are not. Wash your hands with clean soap if you touch the eyes; the sticky fluid produced by the eyes have to be wiped with a tissue as well as disposed immediately.

Home Remedies for Eye Infection (FLU)

eye flue home remedies


It is a well known Indian effective ayurvedic remedy. Soak triphala as well as strain. Use this for eye washing or consume triphala powder with water.

Turmeric as well as Milk

Mix a tea spoon full of powdered turmeric with a table spoon full of warm milk. Put this mixture in muslin clothe as well as drain. Apply the extract to the infected eyes. Turmeric is a brilliant antiseptic and milk has superior soothing properties.

Ginger with Mint

Crush about an inch long ginger piece. Boil in 150 ml water until the filled water boils to about half the amount. Cool the resulting muse. Pound 4-5 fresh leaves of mint, put in muslin clothe as well as squeeze out the extract. Mix with the ginger concentrate as well as apply to eyes. Ginger is identified for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory in addition to antibacterial properties. Mint is a good cooling agent as well as is also an antibacterial and anti-microbial.

Honey along with Yogurt

Mix a small teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of yogurt and use. Honey has anti-infection properties as well as is an antiseptic. Curd cools the inflammation.

Aloe Vera

Natural aloe vera is top known for its several medical benefits. It is a great natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-septic as well as anti-microbial! Dab on a few natural extracts of an aloe vera plant commonly.

Guava Leaves

Boil 3-4 guava leaves in a cup of 200 ml water until about one-third of the water remains. Use 1-2 drops of this concentrate to the infected part with a dropper. Guava leaves have great anti-allergic properties.

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