How to get rid of Itchy Eyes at Home

How to get rid of Itchy Eyes at Home

Could it be quite possible that our modern high-tech world is terrible for our eyes? Is it in fact right that the method we spend our lives learning, working or enjoying ourselves leads us into adopting terrible visual habits which are in turn accountable for damaging our eyesight as we grow older?

As little children in school, our learning experience mostly consists in absorbing big volumes of information which we are predictable to memorize, by spending long hours concentrating on textbooks as well as notes. Computers in addition to television are an integral part of our lives since an extremely early age. As we progress into adulthood as well as start our working lives, sitting at a desk staring at a computer for extra than eight hours in a day is the norm. Going back home after a very hard day’s work, we will generally spend the evening in front of the TV, or again staring at a computer screen while we take pleasure in ourselves surfing the Internet.

Can you visualize what this implies for the itchy eyes?

The most horrible thing you can do to your eyes is strain them. Eyes do not usually strain to see. Seeing is natural as well as enjoyable to them. The eyes are the basic window of the mind to the world. Through the various information the eyes convey to the mind, we are capable to understand, remember as well as imagine. The eyes not at all stop moving and seeing, just like our intelligence never stop working, even during sleep. Mental stress is transmitted to our eyes and is reflected in our eyes straining, staring or squinting in order to see. Forcing our own eyes to focus for hours on end on various objects whose distance does not change in their relation is bad for our eyes. They require being able to move liberally around as well as change focus often. Occasionally, working long hours at our desk, we may even not remember to blink! Staring, straining, dry, eyes are eyes that are being injured.

Taking mind of your eyes does not mean going back to the stone ages as well as giving up on computers, TV, the Internet, video games as well as all our modern day wonders. But in order to protect you from itchy eyes it has been impaired, you should get into the practice of frequently relaxing your mind in addition to eyes during the day.

There are a lot of simple home remedies you can use to get better your itchy eyes problem, and it only takes a few minutes at a time to relax your eyes as well as keep them healthy.

Some Common Home Remedies for Itching Eyes

home remedies for itching eyes

Water and Salt

Combination of Water and salt is good solution to get rid of itching eyes problem. What you need to do is just wash your eyes with this mixture 2 or 3 times day.

Cold Compress

If you can put chamomile tea bags on your eyes then it will give you relief from itching eyes. This technique is usually used by our elders from years.


Cucumber gives coolness to the eyes and thus reduces the swelling of the eyes and hence decreases itching eyes.

While working on your computer or watching TV, look away from the screen periodically and focus on objects close up as well as far away to allow the eyes to adjust as well as move around. The basic goal is to avoid the strain in the primary place. Let your eyes take in the shapes, colors as well as outlines of things at different distances. Blink as much as you have to (at least each five seconds) to keep your eyes moist as well as lubricated. Take breaks often as well as move around, look around, in a relaxed way. Look outside your window or put several nice pictures on your desk which you can look at whenever you require relaxing your eyes. Not at all continue working until you feel your eyes edgy, sore, burning or itchy, or until a throbbing headache develops behind them. Splash your eyelids with cool water once in a while. Shut your eyes for some seconds and move your eyeballs around gradually, while clearing your mind of stressful thoughts. Read a book as an alternative of watching TV or surfing the Net in the evening.

Reading is not at all bad for the eyes, especially if you enjoy what you are reading as well as provided you have good light. It keeps your eyes moving naturally as they trace the letters as well as sentences, not focused on still things. Go out with associates. Being with populace you like helps relax your mind as well as keeps your eyes gladly busy, taking in the world at their own pace, in a free, happy and none strained way.

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