Home Remedies for Kidney Stone and its Symptoms

Home Remedies for Kidney Stone and its Symptoms

Kidney stones are small deposits of salts and minerals, which form kidney stones. They are of different sizes and shapes. Some of the common symptoms of kidney stones are –

symptoms of kidney stones

  • Pain in abdomen
  • Blood and in urine
  • Foul smell in urine
  • Constant need urinate
  • Nausea and vomiting

In case of an infection in the kidney, you will have fever and chills.

Kidney stones form in the kidneys, but they can create problem in any part of the unitary tract. Dehydration is one of the major reasons responsible in the formation of kidney stones. When your body is not properly hydrated, fluids will move slowly. The slow movement of fluids will allow different salts and minerals to meet each other and create hard deposits.

Small kidney stones pass out without causing any harm to your body. You may not be aware of the formation of these small kidney stones because you do not experience any symptoms. On the other hand, medium or large kidney stones are painful. In this situation, it is imperative to consult your physician.

Taking home remedies is a natural way to get rid of kidney stones. You are supposed to take special care when you are already suffering from any ailment or taking medicines. It is found that diuretics, liver medicines, antibiotic and blood pressure may create problem when interacting with herbal remedies.

Home Remedies for Kidney StonesĀ 

home remedies for kidney stones

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advised to take special care when dealing with kidney stones using herbs and supplements.

  1. Water

Consuming large quantities of water to flush out the kidney stones is not only the easiest way, but also the cheapest. This is 100% natural and safe way to get rid of toxins. Most of the health experts suggest drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water in a day. They say when you need to flush out small kidney stones, it is imperative to drink two glasses of water in a single go. This will make you pass urine with pressure.

Drinking a large amount of water will increase the flow of fluids and small deposits in the kidney will pass on.

  1. Lemon Juice

Lemon comes in the category of citrus fruits. It has citrate, which is required to break calcium deposits and inhibiting its growth. You can drink fresh lemon juice empty stomach in the morning and then again before dinner. This will enhance the process of breaking down the smaller stones in the kidney.

Lemon juice products are also available in the market, but it is imperative to examine its content thoroughly before buying it. Most of the lemon products, which are under the category of lemon juice, have pure lemon extract in a little amount. They are full of artificial sweeteners, flavoring agents and chemicals as preservatives. In spite of benefitting you in the removal of kidney stones, they will enhance the process of stone formation.

It is advised to buy lemon and squeeze them to get fresh juice or buy pure extract of lemon juice for best results.

  1. Basil

Uric acid is one of the elements that form kidney stones. Basil has compounds known to stabilize uric acid level in the body. This will decrease the possibility of hard deposits in the kidney. Basil has acetic acid, which is a well-known chemical used for dissolving kidney stones. Basal juice will act as tonifier and you can consume it on a regular basis. You can consume it as tea or in the form of essential oil. This is beneficial for the overall health.

One tablespoon of basil juice will dissolve kidney stones from the urinary tract. Mix it with raw honey and consume it as first thing in the morning.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has good amount of citric acid, this dissolves calcium oxalate deposits in the kidney.

Take 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and mix it with eight oz of water. Regular consumption of this drink will not only reduce the symptoms, it will also put a check on the development of kidney stones. You can drink this mixture several times in a day. It gives good results when you consume it before meals or when you are empty stomach.

  1. Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass juice will enhance the production of urine in your body. This will make the flushing out of stones easier and decreasing the risk of stone formation. Antioxidants present in wheatgrass juice will throw out the salts and minerals deposits from the unitary tract. The maximum benefits of wheatgrass can be obtained by consuming 2 to 8 oz of wheatgrass juice daily. Supplemental powders and pills are also available in the market.

  1. Celery juice or seed

Celery is full of antioxidants and compounds, which facilitate the production of urine. Consuming celery seeds in your regular meals will decrease the chances of kidney stones.

You can also blend celery with water at home for regular consumption. Take celery juice regularly to treat symptoms of kidney stone.

  1. Uva Ursi

This herb is known as a disinfectant and its medicinal properties will clean the urinary tract. This will facilitate the movement of kidney stones out of the body. Researchers have proved that consuming 500 mg of uva ursi is beneficial in treating kidney stones.

  1. Kidney Bean Broth

Kidney beans are full of magnesium; this is a compound, which will reduce the chances of kidney stones significantly. Eating kidney beans regularly will help you ease the symptoms of kidney stone.

Take kidney beans and after removing their pods, boil them for a couple of hours. Filter the boiled solution with cheesecloth after cooling. You can serve it warm as well as cooled.

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil has wonderful medicinal properties, which will ease the passage for the movement of kidney stones. It will lubricate the urinary tract.

You can use olive oil in salad or in combination with other herbs. It is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for the cardiovascular system. The medicinal and pain relieving properties of olive oil will reduce pain and discomfort significantly same as other herbs or home remedies.

  1. Pomegranate Juice

The antioxidant and astringent properties of pomegranate juice will decrease the chances of kidney stones. If you have a tendency of developing kidney stones, then drinking a glass of pomegranate juice is advised.

Pomegranate juice has compounds, which will lower the acidity of urine. This will make the process of stone formation difficult. Buy fresh pomegranates and juice them for maximum health benefits.

  1. Lose Weight

It is imperative to have a healthy and fit body. Consume a well-balanced diet, which is full of fiber and other essential nutrients.

Alcoholic drinks, caffeine and carbonated stuff will increase the risk of kidney stone formation. Stay away from consuming high sugar and high salt diet as a preventive measure. Do not consume fatty items in large quantity because this will enhance the risk of kidney deposits. Fat will also deteriorate the kidney symptoms.

  1. Dandelion Extract Tea

Dandelion will increase the production of urine and bile in the body. This will throw out the waste from your body. Dried dandelion extract is also available in capsule form. You can consume it to ease the kidney symptoms and resist the formation of stones. You can also consume it in the form of capsule or juice.

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