Top 8 Foods to Boost Memory and Increase Concentration Level

Top 8 Foods to Boost Memory and Increase Concentration Level


You can exceed the physical strength of body to any level but it is the brain that controls everything that you do. So along with taking care of your physical strength, mental strength is also very important. Weak memory is the reason behind forgetting small things that matters a lot in your life. This problem may occur in any stage of life from childhood ton old age. Main reason behind weak memory is deficiency of some essential vital nutrients that can’t be availed through daily food. That is why some alternative methods are preferred to improve the brain power. There is no need to consult a physician regarding memory sharpening methods. Here is a list of some effect home remedies that can help you to increase the memory and concentration power.

Home remedies to improve memory

  • Brahmi

This herb is one of the best memory booster and all its benefits are already mentioned in ayurveda. This herb is very effective in improving memory as well as releasing stress of daily life. You can get its extract easily from market or ecommerce websites such as Amazon. The extract of this herb is not pleasant so you can add a small amount of honey while consuming. You may consume a teaspoon of its juice twice a day for desired results.

  • Cod liver oil

It is a great nutrition supplement which is obtained for the liver of cod fish. The high level of omega 3 fatty acids present in this oil helps to improve the memory of students, professionals and every person who needs sharp memory for every day’s work. it is highly preferred to the old age people because there is a huge risk of Alzheimer disorder in this age. You may consume capsules of this oil daily which are easily available in market. Also adding some fishes in diet such as salmon or herring will be beneficial.

  • Walnuts


Walnuts are considered as one of the best home remedies for memory sharpening. Just like cod liver oil, walnuts are also a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. These acids are fully responsible for the improvement of your concentration power. You can eat 50gm of walnuts on daily basis to improve the memory. The vitamin E and antioxidants of this nut are also beneficial to reduce the signs of aging.

  • Chocolate

Whether you are a child or adult, chocolate is loved by everyone because of its irresistible taste. But it is also an effective memory booster because of antioxidants presence. Especially dark chocolate is very effective in preventing your brain from the damage of free radicals. These radicals exert a bad impact on brain cells that cause memory weakness problem. You can consume it directly or make chocolate milk shake.

  • Rosemary

This aromatic herb is very effective in case you are facing memory weakness problem. There are some very small tasks of everyday that needs to be remembered and prospective memory is the ability to do so. If you have started forgetting making important phone calls, paying electricity bill or charging your mobile then use of rosemary will be very helpful. Make a cup of tea by adding teaspoon of dried rosemary in boiling water. Drinking this tea on regular basis will improve your memory within few weeks.

Coconut oil is commonly available in most of the houses which is also a great memory booster. It is helpful in helpful in improving brain functions because of the vital nutrients like lauric acid and oleic acid. You can consume a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil everyday to improve the memory. Another method of its usage in daily life is using it as cooking oil for cooking vegetables.

  • Almonds

Antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids are the best supplements for improving brain power and concentration. Almond is a rich source of both of these vital nutrients. You can easily avail it from any grocery shop and use it in different ways.  Soak 8-10 almonds in water every night, peel the outer skin in morning and grind them to make a paste. Now add this paste to the boiling milk and drink it. Repeat this process for more than one month regularly, and you will get really effective results.

  • Cinnamon and honey

Cinnamon is a well known spice that is present in every kitchen. Generally, cinnamon is used for the enhancement of food taste, but it has many health benefits too. By combining its powder with honey, you will get a great memory booster. This mixture is very helpful in releasing metabolic stress and enhancing memory. Take a teaspoon of honey and add two pinches of cinnamon. Consuming this mixture every night for few months will be beneficial for proper brain functionality.


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