Treat black spots on face and skin naturally within 1 month

Treat black spots on face and skin naturally within 1 month

There’s no doubt that skin problems are some of the most common health issues that do many people’s heads in. Dark spots occur in form of small black things on the face or all over the chest and back. It is a consequence of an infection brought about by changes in the sebaceous glands that at the same time causes obstruction and inflammation in the skin pores.
It is not a secret that black spots usually appear during puberty, causing distressful self-esteem problems to many teenagers. Nonetheless, this skin infection can set in at any age no matter the gender.
Nowadays, there are a lot of products and treatments that can help reduce spots on face. It is best if you choose among natural alternatives rather than other chemical choices which can lead to unexpected side effects. This article is about that, we are not pretending to be doctors but we are not pretending to clutter up your head with chemicals either. Try the natural options below.

10 Simple Home Treatments for Black Spots on Face

home remedies for black spots

1. Papaya


Yes, papaya. Apparently, it’s not only for filling our stomach after quite a spread! You can also use papaya in case of dark spots. Believe it or not, this tropical fruit is one of the most common ingredients or additives of commercial beauty products. Well, women buy and use these products yet they are probably unaware of this fact. What people in general don’t know is that papaya eradicates the excess of lipids present in the skin making it smoother and in this way it purifies the pores. Pores usually get clogged due to unhygienic habits, but papayas remove the dead cells and lower inflammation originated by black spots.
How to use this remedy?: Well, smash a piece of papaya and apply to your face for 20 minutes.

2. Green tea

green tea leaves
It has been proven that green tea contains an antioxidant called epigalocatequine-3-galato or EGCG which is similarly efficient against the excessive production of sebaceous material and black spots, besides making inflammation go down and disrupting the growth of bacteria that damage the skin.
How to use this remedy?: Prepare some paste with only two teaspoonfuls of green tea leaves mixed with a little water. Apply for face exfoliation and let it stand for up to 5 minutes.

3. Oatmeal

Aside from being a very healthy food, oatmeal is also a natural remedy for our skin welfare. This ingredient helps getting rid of the dead cells that usually pile upon the skin by annihilating the excess of fatty tissue.
How to use this remedy?:  Grab a small bowl and pour two spoonfuls of oatmeal, a tomato pulp and a little honey. Mix all the ingredients and apply on the face for 10 minutes.

4. Cinnamon and honey

cinnamon and honey
The combination between cinnamon and honey is an incredible remedy to rid of black spots. Cinnamon counts on antimicrobial properties which prevent bacteria proliferation. Honey is an antibiotic that disinfects and lowers inflammation caused by black spots on face. Besides being an antibiotic, honey has anti-fungal properties.
How to use this combination?: Mix two spoonfuls of honey and one of cinnamon to get a paste. Smear it on your face during 15 minutes. Many people, indeed, create a sort of mask and put it to cover their face for over 30 minutes on a daily basis.

5. Water and soap

oat soap
Water is well-known to be one of the best liquids to battle black spots and exfoliate the face. You might as well use oat soap and smear it on your face to remove dead cells that cause black spots. If you don’t know how to alternate water and oat-made soap, follow the method below.
How to apply this remedy?: Simply, take advantage of the shower time for exfoliation. Apply soap before water. It is also recommended to heat some water in a pot first, this step is helpful because boiling make bacteria in the water vanish. You must use disinfected water.
You can also use both soap and soap separately in order to battle dark spots on face. Apply much soap to your face, and let it stand for 8 minutes. Clean your face with water after this step every morning.

6. Water and salt

water salt
This home remedy for this type of skin problem is similar to the above one. The only thing you have to do is combine water and salt. Salt has some health properties that help clean clear your face from black spots. There are people who dislike using salted water; instead they put some salt on their face in the morning for better results. If you let salt stand for 30 minutes, dark spots on face will gradually disappear during the week. Remember, water is present in almost all the natural remedies for skin problems.
How to use?: Apply salted water to your face instead of soap. Don’t combine both remedies; settle on one of them to address your skin problem.
Use salt on the affected areas. Salt burns the black spots. Don’t squeeze or try not to touch them so much, just let salt do the job.

7. Baking soda

baking soda
Baking soda is another home remedy you can use against your skin problem related to dark spots. Baking soda will act as an effective element to moisturize your face. Bear in mind dark spots are caused by an excessive amount of sebaceous material on the face. This home remedy has certain health benefits that make it an excellent exfoliant. When you have a lot of sebum, pores currently get blocked and that’s the main reason for dark spots to pop up.
How to use this remedy?: You can create a mask by applying the remedy right to your face and letting it stand all night long. As it is also a special antifungal, it will equally prevent possible fungal growth on face.
The other method you make use of, is a mixture of lemon squash and baking soda. Instead of utilizing baking soda alone, combine it with some lemon to make a paste for exfoliation. Turn to this method for 5 o 6 minutes before bedtime and every morning.

8. Garlic and lemon

galic lemon
Garlic is considered one of the godly remedies on record. It has been used in the cuisine for centuries but at the present time, it has become a powerful remedy for almost every illness including in the treatment of black spots on face. Regarding lemon; we find lemon as a very cool fruit which has become popular for its benefits against slightly delicate and common ailments like flue; but this time, lemon turns out to be a good remedy against pimples or dark spots.
How to use this remedy?: Take a head of garlic and grind it or mash it. Take a small lemon and squeeze it. Make a mixture of these two ingredients and apply such mixture to your skin. Let the liquid rest on it for around 5 minutes. Repeat the remedy as many times as you can until the black spots improve.

9. Melons and apples

melon apple juice
Melons and apples are also beneficial fruits that help fight black spots on face. You might as well drink the lemon juice but it is better to smear it on the skin. It contains a neutral pH that prevents dark spots from growing and looking your face look embarrassing and ugly. As for apples, choose the green ones because they contain vitamins that act very similarly to those present in citrus fruits.
How to apply this juice?: Make melon and apple juice. Put them in a blender and make sort of smoothie-like juice. The other thing step consists in placing the mixture on the affected skin area with dark spots. If you feel lemons and apples are not doing the job well enough, add some vegetables like the cucumber to make it more effective against your skin problem.

10. Lemon and sugar (or sugar alone)

lemon sugar scrub
Lemon and sugar are two natural remedies for skin problems like black spots on face. As explained above, one of the main lemon properties is precisely the ability to clarify dark spots in a very easy way. It is also perfect to eliminate sebum that blocks the pores. If you combine lemon and sugar, you will be cleaning your face from the excess of sebaceous material. This combination helps clean dirt and fungus growth.
How to use this scrub?: You have to create a mask using these two ingredients. Prefer brown sugar over refined one, though it is a popular belief that says refined sugar burns black spots on face better than the brown one, but I think it depends on the individual’s experience.
The remedy is simple; mix and apply for 15 minutes or more. Plus, this is a very good way to scrimp on medications for black spots on skin. Use this remedy three times a week.


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