20 Natural Herbs with Healing Properties

Medicinal herbs or medicinal plants have been accompanying humans since ancient times. Knowledge of medicinal herbs has been passed down through generations. On the basis of thousands of years of experience, healing has become the basis of natural treatment. Depending on the country or continent other medicinal plants are used, but it is always the herbal medicine that forms the axis of natural medicine. Herbs, or medicinal plants thanks to the content of easily absorbable vitamins, mineral salts, and soluble silica act on our body extremely wide. They improve the metabolism, facilitate the removal of damage caused by diseases, stimulate the production of substances with antiviral activity, and rebuild the normal structure of connective tissue, which is the backbone for all other organs and tissues of our body.

Medicinal properties of plants and herbs

The world of medicinal plants has been thoroughly investigated, but that does not mean that we know everything about it.

Herbs are a rich variety of medicinal compounds with therapeutic properties that we call biologically active substances. These relationships can be extracted and described by modern science. Still, the medicinal plant functions more broadly than it would have been because of the presence of biologically active substances contained in it. The world of plants still hides many secrets that await their solution.

One of the great discoveries of medicine is the free radical theory of disease. Large amounts of free radicals form spontaneously in our body in response to the invasion of hostile microbes, constituting the primary weapon of neutralizing the intruder. When a battle is won, compounds with a contractual name for antioxidants or free radical scavengers remove their excess and return to a healthy balance. However, it also happens that because of the relative deficiency of antioxidants, excess free radicals remain in the body and destroy its structure. Research has shown that this process leads to the development of most chronic diseases, including the so-called. It is also a cause of cancer. This process can only stop the delivery of additional antioxidants from the outside. Such a source of exogenous scavengers free radicals are plants, especially medicinal plants.

20 Natural Herbs with Healing Properties

20 natural herbs

  1. Aloe Vera: it is one of the most powerful plants and with the greatest diversity of uses. Some of its applications are: regeneration of the skin (in cases of stretch marks, wrinkles, burns, scars ….), Removes skin spots , calms the skin after shaving or waxing, inflamed gums, varicose veins or even stomach ulcers
  2. Basil: its content in eugenol and romaine acid activate the production of dopamine and serotonin, which produce an effect of happiness, energy and well-being. It is also used to remove the headache or to strengthen the hair.
  3. Cilantro: it is very effective to eliminate accumulated toxins from our body. The elimination of these toxins favors the correct function of the organs, disappearance of fatigue and pain in the joints.
  4. Ginger: helps to calm the symptoms of bad digestion, nausea, and stomach pain, anti-inflammatory and even analgesic, helping to soothe pain of any kind.
  5. Hypericum: Hypericum combat heartburn or heartburn even used to relieve stomach ulcers. It has been traditionally used for cases of mild depression and to mitigate pain.
  6. Mint: use it for stomach pains, it has great digestive power, mint also stimulates and activates us. It is also effective for headaches or even to soothe toothaches.
  7. Oregano: very useful to combat menstruations or painful periods, also exerts relaxing action on muscles, use it in infusion to relieve cough, and even relieves the pains of rheumatism.
  8. Rosemary: one of the best plants to fight the congestion of the respiratory tract, even favors the expulsion of mucus from the lungs. Rosemary has also been used traditionally to relieve disorders such as poor blood circulation, varicose veins or heaviness or tired legs.
  9. Stevia: this great plant purifies the blood, helps us to eliminate liquids from the body. Stevia has the property of regulating blood sugar levels, is suitable for people who have diabetes and is also beneficial for the liver or even fights cavities.
  10. Verbena: a plant that combats physical exhaustion and stress. It is also used to reduce fever or purify and detoxify the liver. Applied locally improves the condition of the skin.
  11. Cardamom: Cardamom is frequently found in many dishes of Asian and Indian origin. Its properties help stimulate digestion. Other effective properties of cardamom are its ability to ensure that the intestines digest food at optimal speed.
  12. Cilantro: Adding some cilantro to your meals is an effective way to taste your food better and lose weight at the same time.
  13. Cinnamon: A favorite spice in the world of desserts, cinnamon has demonstrated long-term healing properties in diabetic patients by potentiating the action of insulin.
  14. Mint: Mint in 10 medicinal plants and what they serve. The properties of the mint go beyond what is simply improving the taste of a food or drink.
  15. Ginkgo biloba: is related to many benefits, but perhaps one of the most significant is its potential to improve blood circulation in the eyes, especially in cases of macular degeneration. It is also highly valued for its power to prevent tinnitus aquifers and internal ear problems.
  16. Cranberry or Mirtilo: very rich in antioxidants and a great ally for good heart and brain health. It can also help us protect the retina and improve vision clarity.
  17. Passion flower or passion flower: the excessive use of computers, tablets, etc. It can harm the eyesight. The passionflower helps us to relax the small capillaries of the eyes and relax the ocular tension.
  18. Mullein: This plant is used as a natural remedy to relieve otitis or ear infection, both in adults and children.
  19. Fennel seeds: Is a natural and homemade solution for cases of conjunctivitis, blepharitis, and eye irritation and to improve vision.
  20. Valerian: a natural remedy to rest and fight insomnia, relieve stress and nervous exhaustion and even headache.

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