Here are most effective Natural Remedies for Hepatitis B Virus

Here are most effective Natural Remedies for Hepatitis B Virus

Did you know that nearly 300 million people worldwide are living with hepatitis B, while you are reading this post? Yes, it is true. This life threatening disease claimed 887,000 lives in the year 2015. The chronic infection, though doesn’t manifest any severe symptoms are a silent killer and can lead to liver conditions such as liver cancer and liver cirrhosis if left unattended. That is not all. Hepatitis B, is 50-100 times more infectious than the dreaded HIV. It is also said to be more infectious than Hepatitis C, as the virus can live out of your body for several days and infect you unknowingly.

While there is no particular cure for Hepatitis B, there are many natural means to aid hepatitis treatment and fasten your recovery. They also support your immune system and bring down your risk of contracting the condition. These natural remedies also can help alleviate the symptoms of the condition.

Here are 8 effective natural remedies for hepatitis B which are based on various researches and studies.

home remedies for hepatitis b

Milk Thistle

This herb has been used since time immemorial in treating myriad liver and gall bladder conditions. Several studies indicate that milk thistle can be used in treating viral hepatitis. Milk thistle is a liver tonic and can also do wonders in improving liver health. The seeds of this herb contain silymarin that helps strengthen the outer layers of the liver cells and prevent infections.(1)

You must consume milk thistle for at least 8 weeks for best results.

Vitamin E

Hepatitis B causes inflammation of the liver. While some people are able to recover from the infection, they cannot recover from the liver damage that the virus may have caused. Though drugs such as 3TC, and interferon-alpha do help people recover from hepatitis B, their recovery is often temporary. This is why there are ongoing studies on natural remedies such as Vitamin E to establish if they can cure hepatitis B. Vitamin E is said to help protect the liver from the damage associated with the infection. It also boosts the body’s ability to fight the infection and thus makes a great remedy for hepatitis B.(2)

You may consume 300 mg of Vitamin E twice a day to treat chronic hepatitis B.


This potent herb has antioxidant and antiviral properties that annihilate the virus causing hepatitis B rapidly. It releases an antigen called glycyrrhizin which is proven effective in treating chronic hepatitis B. In fact, in certain cases this enzyme has helped in complete recovery from the infection when administered intravenously. When released in the body, this antigen increases the production of bile juice in the liver, which also brings down the levels of cholesterol in the body.(3)

You may either chew some licorice root 2-3 every day, or brew a tea of the herb and have at least 2 cups of the concoction.

Olive leaf

The Olive leaf is one of the most affordable yet effective cures for hepatitis B. It contains a phytochemical called oleuropein that has antifungal and antiviral properties that kill the hepatitis B virus rather quickly and effectively. It also helps in destroying other forms of viruses that disrupt the normal of functioning of the body. Consuming this leaf also boosts the body’s immunity and helps it fight the virus. This remedy works best when used in conjunction with zell oxygen as it promotes cellular respiration which in turn helps in killing the virus rapidly.

To use olive leaf to treat hepatitis B, steep one teaspoon of the dried leaves in a cup of boiling water. Let it stand for at least 10 minutes before you strain. Drink this tea at least thrice a day. You may also pop in a 500 mg capsule of the extract once a day for better results.


This herb has therapeutic properties and hence is used by naturopaths across the globe to treat various ailments. It can also be put to use in treating hepatitis B. Dandelion has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-oxidant properties that help combat inflammation and pain and also aids in flushing out harmful toxins from the liver.

Soak a spoon of dried of the herb in a boiling cup of water for about 10 minutes. Strain and drink the infusion at least thrice a day. You may also use fresh leaves to brew the tea.


Rich in nutrients, beet can be used to treat hepatitis B and its many symptoms. Beet is rich in iron, folic acid, potassium, manganese, copper, calcium, and Vitamin – A, B, and C. These nutrients promote the regeneration of damaged cells in the liver and also help in reducing pain as well as inflammation that accompany the infection. Beet also detoxifies the liver and provides vital energy to the body.

Chop some beet and puree them in a blender. Add water and drink the juice at least twice a day.


If you are on the lookout for a remedy that acts upon the symptoms of hepatitis B, look no more. Lemon can help alleviate symptoms such as loss of appetite, vomiting, and nausea in no time at all.

You may drink a combination of papaya seed juice and lemon several times in a day for relief from the symptoms of hepatitis B. An infusion of lemon juice, olive oil, and grapefruit extract also acts as a potent remedy.

Vitamin B

B-vitamins promote overall health and also optimize energy and metabolism of the body. This vitamin can also boost the body’s immunity and helps in treating the many symptoms of hepatitis B. That is not all. Vitamin B is known to help curb the growth and spreading of the virus while also promoting the production of new liver cells.

Give your body a generous dose of Vitamin B by consuming beef liver and fish. If you are a vegetarian, you may resort to milk, cheese, and avocado.

Natural cures may take time to show results, so do not lose heart. Try these remedies in conjunction with your regular treatment, and you will soon back on your feet – hale and hearty!

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