Vitamin A: Health Benefits and Sources for Good Health & Eye

Vitamin A: Health Benefits and Sources for Good Health & Eye

The Human body needs many nutrients, vitamins to keep it healthy and in a good shape. Vitamin A is one of those essential vitamins human body need on a regular basis to keep the health in top notch. Vitamin a is fat soluble and a powerful antioxidant in nature.

Vitamin A plays a very important role in the human body. The deficiency of Vitamin A can cause some serious problems like leaky gut, inflammatory bowel disorder and other severe problem in the human body. Vitamin A helps in maintaining good vision, healthy skin and much more. There are various sources of Vitamin A around us and we can consume them on a daily basis to maintain the level of vitamin A in our body.

Sources of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is important for good health and healthy vision as well as for healthy skin. Vitamin A usually found in two basic forms which are beta carotene and active Vitamin A. Active vitamin A comes from the foods which are derived from the animals like meat, beef, chicken, and body use it directly after the consumption and digestion of food. Active Vitamin A does not need to convert into retinol.

Beta carotene usually found in colorful vegetable and body transfers it into active vitamin A called retinol after the food consumption. The vitamin a found in fruits and vegetables called ‘pro-Vitamin A’ and body transfer it into retinol or active Vitamin A.

The benefits of Vitamin a are endless. Several studies over the years have shown how important Vitamin A is in good health and healthy body.

Vitamin A Benefits

When it comes to the benefits of vitamin A, the list has some very important benefit. Some of the important benefits of vitamin A are.

  • Health vision
  • Support the immune system
  • Helps in fighting inflammation
  • Helps in preventing different type of cancer in the human body
  • Support cell growth and healthy skin

There are various natural sources from where you can get your daily dose of vitamin A. It is always good to get the vitamin A from natural sources because the body utilizes it in a much better way without having any side effects.

Top 8 Sources of Vitamin A 

A list of sources of Vitamin A

Being an important nutrient for the body, Vitamin A is easy to find in natural sources to fulfill the daily dose. You can add any of these sources in your daily diet and get the recommended amount of Vitamin A, which is 900 micrograms daily for men and 700 micrograms daily for women. Here are some of the natural sources of vitamin A for daily consumption.

  • Well Cooked Sweet Potato

1 medium = 100% RDA

  • Carrot both Salad and Cooked

1 cup = 100% RDA

  • Cooked Dark Leafy Greens(KALE)

1 cup = 100% RDA

  • Dried Apricot

3 = 70 % RDA

  • Tropical Fruits

1 cup = 100% RDA

  • Egg

1 large = 15% of RDA

  • Cheese

1 oz = 12% of RDA

  • Pumpkin

1 cup cooked = 100% RDA

Many studies have shown that deficiency of Vitamin A can lead to some serious health issues. It is always good to take healthy food and keep the problems at arm’s length. Vitamin A is easy to find in daily use food and food products. You can easily add some more health in your plate without making many efforts.

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