Vitamin E: Health Benefits & Foods

Vitamin E: Health Benefits & Foods

A daily dose of vitamins and minerals are required for a healthy functioning body and immune system. There are various kinds of vitamins that must be consumed, Vitamin E being one of them. Available in a natural form in plant as well as animal foods, the amount of Vitamin E required by individuals varies according to their body’s needs.  There are several health benefits of Vitamin E, some of them being;

Health Benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E as an Antioxidant

Antioxidants play an enormous role in the human body which we often take for granted. The basic role of an antioxidant is to prevent harm caused to our bodies by free radicals or unstable molecular structures present in every human body. Consumption of Vitamin E plays a critical part in increasing the body’s natural immune system, making you stronger and healthier.

Vitamin E for promoting beauty

Vitamin E in its natural form found in animals or plants are extremely beneficial for promoting beauty in individuals. Vitamin E helps repair hair follicles, giving you stronger, healthier hair growth. Vitamin E also prevents tissue corrosion as well as enhances repair and growth of new cells and tissues, giving you healthy, beautiful skin. It is also been seen to help in fading of previous scars. Being an antioxidant, Vitamin E helps promote cell repair.

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Vitamin E for preventing blood platelet clotting

Vitamin E contains certain chemicals which help prevent blood platelets from clumping or clotting. This is beneficial as blood clumping may cause blockages in arteries, which can in turn be fatal. Consumption of the required amount of Vitamin E can even help prevent heart disease.

Vitamin E for skin care

Vitamin E has extremely moisturizing properties. Vitamin E consumption in its natural form or even in the form of supplements can prove to be beneficial for skin care, as it helps moisturize dry, dull skin, giving it a warm and healthy glow.

Vitamin E for reducing cholesterol and preventing cancer

The properties and benefits of Vitamin E are immense, but probably one of the most beneficial properties of Vitamin E consumption is how it can help reducing the risks of cholesterol. Studies have also proven that Vitamin E can help prevent cancer in those individuals who regularly consume the required amount of Vitamin E.

Vitamin E for strengthening nails and hair

Vitamin E contains properties which act as a catalyst to production of keratin. Keratin is the substance which hair and nails are made up of; hence proper consumption of Vitamin E is beneficial for strong and healthy nails and hair.

Vitamin E has several health benefits and is a very important item for everyone. Vitamin E can be found in its natural form in plant as well as animal forms which should be incorporated into your diet for a healthy lifestyle. The sources of Vitamin E are;

Top Sources of Vitamin E

  1. Sun flower seeds: sun flower seeds are rich of vitamin E and having various healing properties such as skin, hair, and body massage. A handful of dry roasted sun flower seeds are consisting of around 8 mg of vitamin E. Roast 250 gm of sun flower seeds and mix a little of salt, eat 1 tbsp daily to increase face beauty and get rid of hair problems.
  2. Hazelnuts: one ounce hazelnuts contains 4.2 mg of Vitamin E with other essential nutrients like – manganese, copper, thiamine, magnesium, Vitamin B-6, and Iron.
  3. Peanuts: Peanut  is a legume crop grown only for its essential seeds and it is also known as groundnut. Each 100 gram of peanut seeds consisting of 567 calories, 18 mg sodium, 705 mg potassium, and 2.2 mg vitamin E.
  4. 1 ounce(28.3495 gram) dry roasted almonds have 6.8 mg of vitamin E.
  5. ½ cup of boiled spinach provides 1.9 mg of vitamin E.
  6. 1/2 cup Broccoli, chopped and boiled contains 1.2 mg of vitamin E – health benefits of broccoli.
  7. 1 Average-sized kiwifruit have 1.2 mg of vitamin E.
  8. 1 Cup sliced mangos contains 1.4 mg of vitamin E.
  9. 1 tomato provides 0.8 mg of vitamin E.

While Vitamin E might have several health benefits, too much of anything can be bad. It is essential for you to find out exactly how much Vitamin E is required for your body, as requirements change from individuals to individuals.



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